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The companySince1998Years since its founding,Has been committed to provide users with excellent solutions and reliable technical support。In the information system integration、Education informatization、Intelligent system has accumulated rich experience。

The company for the userFor the computer、Network products and solutions;Education information products and solutions;Gen guest productsAnd innovation education solutions。The company has excellent r&d team and good resources and the supply of formal channels of the manufacturer,

To provide customers with excellent products、Solutions and services。The companyActively explore the independent innovation,SuccessivelyFor a number of software copyright and the national patent。2015Research and development center in wuhan,Development of independent intellectual property rights of innovative products。

The company management,It happenedISO9001ISO14001ISO18001System certification and computer system integration qualification。Companies adhering to the“Innovation and development,Pragmatic endeavour”The concept of steady development。


The solution

Teaching room、Cloud classroom solution

Server virtualization solutions

Campus wireless coverage solutions

Hd recorded、Mobile recorded solution

The integration of standard room solution

Campus digital broadcasting system solutions

3DPrint innovation training room solution

Education robot solution


Service and support

The warranty service

Telephone service

On-site service

Interview/Pay a return visit

Project handover

Free training

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