The loanWay

1、Credit:Meet our credit condition of famous enterprises and people in the region、Civil servants may apply for credit;  
2、Guarantee the loan:By the corresponding guarantee ability enterprise or natural person to provide joint liability guarantee;  
3、Mortgage loans:Borrowers own or a third person to provide property as collateral,Including:Land、The real estate、The vehicle、General equipment, etc;  

  Shantou jin area remit day small loan co., LTDIn2009Years12Upon the approval of provincial finance office is established,The main sponsor of shantou dongfeng well-known enterprise co., LTD., for this area,Shantou city tax50To be strong。  Strong:The registered capital2.5One hundred million yuan,Small loan scale first in the city。Professional service:Has a senior management team,A specialized service。The pursuit of high efficiency:Simplify the operation process,Follow the efficient、Quick ideas。The supremacy of credibility:Honest and trustworthy,Establish a long-term cooperative partnership。“The good faith,Tong heng”,Company will be adhering to the remittance day“Sincerity,Common development”The management idea,Wholeheartedly service“Agriculture, rural areas and farmers”,Dedicated for the majority of small businesses、Individuals to provide convenient and quick loan services。

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The ground The address:Shantou city gold sand road99The grand hyatt Minneapolis1Building101Room(China hotel)

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