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      Zhang minFor many years engaged in clinical nursing work,Xi 'an region is the first lactation service and breast care professionals,To provideXi 'an lactation,Xi 'an galactagogue division,Xi 'an milk division,Xi 'an milk division,Xi 'an galactagogue teacher training,Xi 'an postpartum milk,Xi 'an postpartum breast,Xi 'an milk division;And learning psychology,Channel of maternal postpartum depression also has a lot of ideas!Heart baby galactagogue center is approved by the state administration of industry and commerce in accordance with the law professional postpartum maternal and child care institutions,For the health of maternal and newborn baby to provide quality services!Zhang minExperienced in Chinese massage massage,Due to their many of problems encountered in the process of nursing,Cannot be solved,And so on2007At his own expense to Beijing special study galactagogue technology and practical operation,8Over the years,A large amount of lactation clinical experience,For tens of thousands of women can solve the problem of lactation of breast,Do work on the spot,A successful!Her

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