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Fast growth The cycle is short A high quality High market price sells unobstructed


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Australian freshwater lobster,Easy to feed、Diets、Fertility is strong、The high rate of meat、Great taste


Australian freshwater lobster farming technology
Diets、Fast growth、Easy breeding、Good market prospect,Has now become one of the excellent aquatic products

Family farms

Use some the balcony,Garden space built pool or free housing around the pool breeding,Small investment,The risk is low,That is simple and convenient management,The survival rate is high,Breeding cycle short。

Natural growth
Area yield

Pond farming

Using original pond,Or new HaTang aquaculture fish ponds,Suitable for summer、Autumn cultivation,Can also be large-scale large-scale breeding,Breeding cycle90-150Days,Per mu yield can be up to1200Jin。

Natural growth
Area yield

Greenhouse cultivation

Build greenhouses breeding,To breed all year round,Annual production of more crops goods shrimp,Breeding cycle short,Breeding cycle90-120Days,More than a year breeding season of per mu2200Jin。

Natural growth
Area yield

Breeding base


Into the hon bay
The company specialized is engaged in the lobster breeding and breeding,Passing by10Years of lobster breeding and breeding,Every bit of accumulation in the process of cultivation and breeding breeding technology,Mastered the full range of lobster breeding technology

       Chongqing hon Australia Australian freshwater lobster farming ecological fishery co., LTD,Lobster breeding comprehensive breeding company。Passing by10Special aquaculture and breeding in exploration,Every bit of accumulation in the process of cultivation and breeding breeding technology,Mastered the lobster breeding technology,It is the guarantee of these key technologies,With2017Registered in chongqing hon bay ecological fishery co., LTD,Thus changed the history of the general farmers rely on wild lobster seedlings,The new covers100Mu lobster breeding base,Due to the continuous improvement of the breeding technology。
       Chongqing hong bay ecological fishery development co., LTD., lobster aquaculture area there are1500Mu、The company is currently actively explore、The development of deep processing of lobster industry project。Company technical force is abundant,In order to research institutes、University for technical backing。       

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Lobster aquaculture company introduction

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Questions about Australian freshwater lobster acquisition
  Everyone in my company introduction of farmers,Free training breeding technology,Provide a complete set of aquaculture technology...

Australian freshwater lobster have good market?
Chongqing grand bay ecological fishery co., LTD successful breeding freshwater lobster in Australia,The price of one hundred yuan per kilogram!For no...

How freshwater lobster in Australia for the winter?
  Australian freshwater lobster survive the lowest temperature,Is18℃~19℃,The growth of the water temperature should be maintained...

Chongqing Australian freshwater lobster market profile
Chongqing hong bay ecological fishery co., LTD. To fill the gaps in chongqing freshwater lobster in Australia market!

Australian freshwater lobster breeding prospects?
  Australian freshwater lobster native to Australia,Living in fresh water,Just like the sea named lobster。...

What it takes for breeding freshwater lobster in Australia?
Australian freshwater lobster seedlings good adaptability to the environment,In the lake、The pond、County、Rice fields, etc...

What are the lobster breeding way?
Lobster perennial reproduction,Among them5-9Month for the rush hour。Lobster unisexual,And has a show...

How to improve the pond farming Australian freshwater lobster profits?
A、The choice of young shrimps。“A rule,As a man sows, so he shall reap。”Young shrimp aquaculture is the choice of success...

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