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Hefei teng shun sculpture art co., LTD is a famous sculpture art production company。Teng shun sculpture is a sculpture design、Production、The construction、The installation、Maintenance、After sales in a body specialized Large-scale sculpture production companies。Teng shun sculpture is specialized is engaged in the public space art design、The theme park planning、Environmental sculpture、Landscape sculpture、Sculpture art decoration、Household environment decoration、Building outside Art of services。The company has perfect sculpture production equipment,Experienced technical workers and casting、Forging expert,The design of the company、Among the top production strength。Teng shun sculpture long-term focus on the eastern western figure sculpture、Relief、Rail、Flower pot、The barriers、A flower pot…

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【Hefei sculpture company】Sculpture should only be set the most valuable memory

【Hefei sculpture company】Sculpture should only be set the most valuable…In the tide of building cultural city,Thinking about city sculptures also entered a new stage。Even before the European and American cities,We also have a special liking to the sculpture in these cities,Such as the mermaid of Copenhagen,It was on behalf of the city,Maybe we know very little on the city's other,Also do not know the Copenhagen…To check the details

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